DVC Intimate Partner Violence Survey 

The DVC and Region 6 Behavioral Health have partnered to offer training on intimate partner violence.  Earlier this year a survey was emailed to network behavioral health providers throughout the region and 73 individuals completed the survey.  From those results training was developed on IPV specific to behavioral health professionals.  Beginning in July, five training modules will be provided:  Batterer Dynamics, Intimate Partner Violence Dynamics,  Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Dynamics, Childhood Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence:  Criminal Justice System Responses and Community Resources.


To see an overview of the survey results please click here.  If you have questions about the survey or the training please contact the DVC at dvc@dvcomaha.org


Domestic Violence 101 e-Learning Class

The Administration for Children and Families Family Violence Prevention and Services Program is pleased to announce the launch of Domestic Violence: Understanding the Basics, an online learning tool. This one-hour interactive eLearning module describes the dynamics and common tactics that characterize domestic violence, provides an overview of the scope and impact on individuals and society, explores the underlying factors that allow domestic violence to exist, offers insight into the various risks and choices that survivors face, and shares how to be part of the solution.

To view this online tool, please see: http://www.vawnet.org/elearning/DVBasics/player.html

Education Partners

There are many resources in our local community providing education and training to professionals, educators, and community groups, and the DVC is happy to provide an overview of the communtiy response in the area.  Please contact us at 402-210-2195 or dvc@dvcomaha.org.  The DVC also coordinates with other agencies providing specific edcuation and training for many groups of professionals and the communtiy at large.  Below are several you can contact directly:


The mission of Heartland Family Service is to strengthen individuals and families in our community through education, counseling and support. The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program offer a 24hr crisis line, shelter, and advocacy to victims/survivors.

Heartland Family Service recognizes the importance of violence prevention efforts in our community. The program has trained staff to provide bystander intervention education to address all forms of power-based personal violence.  

For information on presentations contact Carrie Potter at 402-552-7085 or email cpotter-sollazzo@heartlandfamilyservice.org.



Douglas County:  Women's Center for Advancement

Women's Center for Advancement offers community education and training that includes educational presentations for area schools, businesses, agencies and other community groups and organizations. It also includes providing domestic violence training seminars for clergy, law enforcement, medical professionals and other professionals.

For more information contact: Madeline Walker at 402-345-6555 or email madelinew@wcaomaha.org 


Fremont, Harrison, Mills, and Pottawattamie Counties: Catholic Charities Phoenix House 

Catholic Charities Phoenix House offers community education and training that includes educational presentations for area schools, businesses, agencies and other community groups and organizations. Phoenix House can also provide domestic violence training seminars for law enforcement, medical professionals and any other place requested. 

For more information about public education and training opportunities please call the Training Prevention Education at 712-256-2059 ext. 1003 

Read more about the Phoenix House's services and shelter.

Women’s Fund of Omaha

1111 N. 13th Street, Suite #106  |  Omaha, NE 68102   |  402-827-9280